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COLE was well represented at the 2018 ASCE Pipelines Conference and presented a paper on the Assessment of Potential Damage to Utilities Due to Tunneling and Excavation. Richard Atkinson, Project Coordinator at COLE, was one of four joint authors of the paper, which also included Masoud Manzari and Mohamed Hosney of Thurber Engineering and Sandra Rolfe-Dickinson of Pipetechnics Ltd. The paper looks at how underground excavations have the potential for considerable ground movement and can ultimately damage utilities. Resulting from an infrastructure project in Ontario, Atkinson and the joint authors developed a practical method for assessment of the damage to utilities. The method is simple enough to be used for Level-1 and Level-2 assessments, yet can address diverse utility structures and has proven a useful tool in establishing trigger levels for instrumentation and monitoring programs. Approximately 100 utilities were successfully assessed over a five month period.

For information on the paper, feel free to contact Richard Atkinson at or 905.940.6161.