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COLE's TeamCOLE has been retained by the Water Resources Agency (WRA) of Trinidad and Tobago to develop a Water Security Management Plan for the island of Tobago and a Dry Season and Drought Water Supply Management Plan for Trinidad and Tobago. This Island Nation, towards the southeastern end of the Caribbean, has for almost two decades experienced lower than expected precipitation, and consequently, a shortage in water supply.  To support efficient and sustainable water supply during dry seasons, the country has mandated the management of water resources within the framework of an Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Plan. COLE, as part of the IWRM mandate, is looking into the sustainability of current water supply by reviewing existing water sources, the infrastructure associated with treatment and distribution, vulnerability to climate change and variability, existing governance structures, and institutions that manage the utilities responsible for potable water supply.

The project is expected to last for eight months, and will involve water resources assessment, water supply audits, review of existing governance and the efficiency of the institutions. The final deliverable will provide a comprehensive plan to address water security and sustainable water supply issues. The COLE Team visited Trinidad and Tobago between April 16 and 18 as part of the kick off meeting for the projects.

This win has put COLE on the leading edge of water resources management in the Caribbean, and is expected to generate considerable interest from other small island developing states in the region.