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ISWA Lebanon is hosting a Virtual Roundtable Series. On Thursday Sept 24, 2020 Hassan Ktaech of COLE led a roundtable on Asbestos Risks and Safety Measures after the Explosion of August 4. 

Presentation Abstract
On August 4, 2020, improper storage of thousands of tonnes of ammonium nitrate led to a massive explosion at the Port of Beirut, Lebanon. The blast killed 180, injured 6,500, and caused an estimated US$10 to US$15 billion in property damage.

Close to 640 historic buildings, including museums, art galleries, and religious sites were among the damaged structures, which Lebanon’s ministry of culture plans to restore. Compounding this significant undertaking is that many of these older buildings were constructed with building materials containing asbestos fibres, which have now been disturbed as a result of the explosion.

The presentation will examine the steps that will need to be taken to mitigate asbestos contamination and reduce the spread of asbestos fibres during restoration. It will also include a review of case studies of similar mitigation efforts in Toronto and New York City.

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Hassan Ktaech is an environmental professional leading a team of environmental professionals at COLE. He has extensive experience providing regulatory compliance, engineering, and scientific consulting services to major public and private sector clients in Canada and the Middle East.

Hassan’s wide range of professional experience includes project management, waste management audits and design, and consulting on designated  substances and hazardous materials, corporate environmental regulatory compliance, and government approvals. He also provides environmental monitoring, protocol development, and scientific methodology validation services.