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Benefits of the Young Professionals Group (YPG) at COLE
By: Aaron Pettifer, E.I.T.

The Young Professionals Group (YPG) has had a presence at COLE for many years but only recently has it been given the attention and resources it deserves. Young people are undoubtedly the future of our firm and continuing their professional and social development within our company is the only way to guarantee the quality and success that we strive for.

Familiarizing our Young Professionals (myself included) on various projects currently being undertaken here at COLE will expand their knowledge of our vast business spectrum. Face to face interactions with more experienced and senior members of our team will increase confidence in YP’s and provide opportunities to pass on valuable knowledge. I have personally seen this at many of the YPG events including Snack ‘n’ Chats, site visits and meet & greets. We (the members of the YPG group) hope s that these opportunities continue to present themselves and we are given the resources to continue to grow our group and improve the quality of events. We are extremely grateful that senior members take the time to invest in our professional development!

I believe that the key to an enjoyable work life is heavily dependent on the quality of everyday interactions with colleagues. I love what I do and I am a firm believer that it is not only the work that I do but the people that I do it with that make it so enjoyable! Getting to know colleagues on a personal and social level is crucial in forming the relationships that will allow you to thrive in the workplace. YPG provides a number of events throughout the year to forget about work and grow relationships with colleagues at a fun activity or an ice-cold beer. I’ve found that the quality of my work and my drive to complete tasks significantly increases when I am working with people who I know well and enjoy to be around.

The Year End Bash that YPG hosted is an example of a social event that employees at COLE can attend to get to know colleagues as well as celebrate the accomplishments of the year. This is also a great opportunity to recognize employees for their exceptional work and commitment to COLE.

I am confident that the YPG will continue to grow and expand every year and help shape the culture at COLE that we all love!