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We are pleased to announce that COLE has recently been awarded two contracts in Trinidad and Tobago for the Water and Sewerage Authority.

The first is for the Development of a Water Security Programme for the Island of Tobago. In 2015 the island experienced an extremely dry, dry season and an unusually drier and warmer wet season. Consequently, surface water reserves were critically low and groundwater reserves diminished considerably. This resulted in water shortages to domestic customers and to hotels and guest houses. These events highlighted the need for a water security programme for the island. COLE’s study will look at the capacity of a population to safeguard sustainable access to adequate quantities of acceptable quality water for sustaining livelihoods, human well-being, and socio-economic development, for ensuring protection against water-borne pollution and water-related disasters, and for preserving ecosystems in a climate of peace and political stability.

The second project is for the Development of Dry Season and Drought Water Supply Management Plans for Trinidad and Tobago. COLE will develop Dry Season and Drought Water Supply Management Plans to mitigate the effects of water supply shortages experienced during dry season and drought like events on public health and safety, economic activity and quality of life in Trinidad and Tobago.