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Are you heading to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Pipelines Conference next week in Phoenix, Arizona? We Are!

On Wednesday, August 9th, COLE's Senior Technical Consultant and Pipelines Specialist, Sandra Rolfe-Dickinson will be presenting in both the Construction & Rehabilitation and Condition Assessment II tracks at the ASCE Piplines Conference, in Phoenix, Arizona.

The first paper, entitled Watermain Asset Management (Check out the Abstract), will be presented with the Regional Municipality of York's Ben Pressman and will describe the process undertaken for establishing the Region's current approach to concrete pressure pipe.

The second paper, entitled What lies beneath? Perfecting Grouting Techniques to Prevent Premature Failure of a Large Diameter PCCP Feedermain (Check out the Abstract), will be presented with the Regional Municipality of Peel's Anthony Parente and will present the findings of the pilot test bed work and draw conclusions as to the effectiveness of injection joint grouting from within a feedermain.

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