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Alexandra Chan and Bravira Abadi, Past-Chairs of COLE's Young Professional Group attended the AWWA Annual Conference and Expo (ACE17) in Philadelphia, June 11th - June 14th, to present their ideas to the industry, learn about new advances in water, and connect with some of our clients and peers.

Alexandra and Bravira presented in the 'Solving Tomorrow's Workforce Challenges Today' Track, which focused of learning more about how others are developing new tools in STEM education, Green Infrastructure workforce opportunities, development and succession planning, empowering Young Professionals to enact change in the workplace, and the latest updates on alignment of certification requirements.

The presentation focused on assisting our Leadership Team with the implementation of COLE's 5-year Strategic Plan through our Young Professionals Group. The presentation was very well received by the 50 water industry professionals who attended the session. As a follow up, some of the ideas discussed in the presentation will be published in an article for the Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine this summer. If you’d like to learn more about the AWWA Annual Conference and Expo please visit ACE17.