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Toronto's iconic CN Tower celebrated the 40th anniversary of its opening on June 26, 2016.

The 553.33m (1, 815 ft) tall tower was the world's tallest freestanding structure from 1976-2007, and is now the world's sixth tallest freestanding tower.

Image created by Ali Zifan and Taxiarchos228

The CN Tower is a telecommunications tower, and so many of those functions are hidden in plain sight. This diagram of the mai pod of the CN Tower shows some of the internal structure telecommunications and mechanical services.

Image of the main pod of the CN Tower courtesy of Niabot 

While the celebration of the tower is ongoing, Cole Engineering wishes to celebrate the work of the architects, engineers, financiers, project owners, pilots and construction workers who helped build the tower between 1970 and 1975. Some of the companies and people involved are listed below:

  • Architects - WZMH Architects and John H. Andrews
  • Soil Analysis - Prof. Eli Robinsky
  • Site Excavation & Remediation - Rumble Contracting (George Rumble)
  • Foundation - Foundation Company - Andre Jordan (Project Manager), and Doug Sumner (Project Engineer)
  • Primary structural engineering - R.R. Nicolet (NCK) and Dr. Franz Kroll (Primary Structural Engineer) 
  • Steel fabrication & erection - CANRON Inc. - Wayne Baigent (Chief of Engineering) and Albert Ting (Engineer)
  • Crane removal and antenna erection - Erickson Air Crane (featuring `Olga` the Sikorsky S64E Air Crane)

Robert Lansdale has led the CN Tower Historical project profiling the people involved in the construction of the CN Tower. You can see photos at the RCL9 flickr page, as well as a presentation at He was also featured in the Toronto Star on June 24, 2016.

Image of the base of the CN Tower courtesy of Franklin.vp

Banner image from Wikipedia