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On Saturday, June 11, Cole Engineering staff from the Environment & Energy practice hiked, paddled, cycled and ran in stages across the 160 km Oak Ridges Moraine Trail in the 10th Annual Oak Ridges Adventure Relay Race. The event supports the Oak Ridges Trail Association, a charitable organization which maintains the public hiking trail system on the moraine, and raises awareness about the importance of the moraine to groundwater, rivers, and our environment.

Cole Engineering congratulates and thanks Eric, Neena, Ian, Gordon, Rhona, Xin, Mirko, Jen, Tabitha, Daniel, Ben and Alexandra for their participation in the 10th Annual Oak Ridges Adventure Relay Race. If you are interested in donating to the Oak Ridges Trail Association please click here


  • Eric Hoffbauer and Neena Allidina canoeing
  • Ian Gardiner, Gordon McCready, Rhona Scott, Eric Hoffbauer, Xin Xu, Mirko Schankat
  • Eric Hoffbauer biking
  • Ian Gardiner running
  • Jen Whittard biking

Not shown: Tabitha Lee, Daniel Banks, Ben Sheardown, and Alexandra Chan