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Interview with Cole Engineering President Mohsen Mortada on the International Water Reuse Workshop

Q: What is the international water reuse workshop?
The workshop is held under the auspices of Standards Council of Canada and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) committee on water reuse. Leading International and Canadian experts will discuss best practices, municipal and industrial reuse, treatment technologies, case studies, standards, regulations, management tools and health and environmental issues.
Q: Why did CEG choose to sponsor this event?
Although Canada is known to be abundantly rich in water, parts of the country are still prone to water shortages for various reasons, including lack of capacity of municipal infrastructure, accessibility to municipal treatment centres by remote locations, as well as surface and groundwater contamination, droughts, etc.  At Cole Engineering, we want to proactively promote a culture and practice of water reuse.
Q: Why is it important that Cole Engineering participate?
As one of the leading engineering and management consultancies in Ontario, it's important for us not only to stay ahead of the cutting edge of technologies, standards, and policies but also to encourage and participate in an active industry-wide conversation about improving the way we do business. Personally, I've had extensive experience in the area of water reuse, including the implementation of a major water reuse project in Arizona and California, which I plan on using as a case study during my presentation at the conference.
Q: What's the one thing you hope people will take away from your presentation?
My talk is titled, “Perceptions and realities of water reuse”. It will focus on the challenges and practical realities associated with water reuse.
Q: Why is this topic important for others in the industry?
I believe that water reuse will become a necessity for every country.  We need to develop the proper policies, infrastructure, governance and standards in order to provide the generations to come with clean potable water.
Q: What else will you be speaking about at the workshop?
I will be presenting the Canadian and US perspectives as it relates to water reuse.  Using the project we implemented in California as a case study, I'll discuss the challenges and lessons learned.  I will specifically speak to the water standards in Canada; but having many years of international experience, I will speak of future strategies that, in my opinion, other countries should be looking at.
Q: What do you expect to learn from the workshop?

With delegates from Israel, China, Japan, USA, France and Korea our expectation is to gain a better understanding of the international developments and identify business opportunities for ‘COLE’. I am also pleased to say that our very own Robert McCollum has been appointed an expert member of the Canadian Technical Committee ISO TC 282. This way ‘COLE’ will contribute to Canadian and international efforts in effective water reuse.