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The Project

The Barrie Corridor has been identified as one of the fastest growing Rail Corridors in the GO Transit system. The Barrie GO Train serves 7,500 passengers per day (January 2012), with future ridership expected to increase. In order to improve commuter service capacity on this line in the years to come, plans are underway to add a second track to the line by 2020 which will enable two-way, all-day rail service. This will make it easier for commuters on the line to get in and out of downtown Toronto through the day, in evenings as well as on the weekends.

This extension is part of Metrolinx’s regional transportation plan, called The Big Move, the purpose of which is to ensure that the network provides fast and reliable regional transit from Union Station to Barrie’s East Gwillimbury station. The mid-to long-term plan may involve the addition of more stations, as well as an express service that will be run through the Barrie Corridor.

Our Role
In order to facilitate these major expansions, upgrades will be required at Rutherford, Maple, King City, Aurora, Newmarket and East Gwillimbury GO Stations. Cole Engineering will be providing the overall site development, feasibility, detailed layout, construction and configuration of infrastructure at these stations. Our project scope will also include the installation of additional platforms, canopies, tunnels, snowmelt systems, elevators/accessible ramps and pedestrian overpasses.

With York Region continuing to develop and expand, Cole Engineering will consider the needs of the community, and pay special attention paid to Metrolinx’s Mobility Hub Guidelines. We will integrate the upgrades at the stations into the local community through the layout, design and landscaping, providing safe and convenient access for passengers arriving by all modes of travel including walking, cycling and local transit. Our aim is to help Metrolinx accommodate the community and passengers with a long-term rapid transit route that is efficient and dependable.