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The Ontario Public Works Association (OPWA) recently announced that The City of Hamilton’s ‘Enhancement of Windermere Basin’ has been named the 2013 Public Works Project of the Year in the Environment $10 Million to $50 Million Category.

Established to promote and acknowledge the excellence that people in the field of Public Works strive to achieve, the OPWA Awards Program recognizes individuals, groups, and agencies who have demonstrated discipline, vision and passion.

The project team of the City of Hamilton, Cole Engineering Group Ltd. and Metric Contracting Services worked diligently in order to restore the great lakes coastal wetland and enhance aquatic and terrestrial habitat in the Windermere Basin. The project reached substantial completion on September 30, 2012, prior to project funding deadlines and provides significant environmental and social benefits to the City and its residents.

The OPWA Annual Conference and Awards Luncheon was held on January 30, 2014, with representatives from the City of Hamilton and Cole Engineering Group Ltd., in attendance to deliver a presentation on the project and accept plaques in recognition of this great achievement.