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Sandra Rolfe-Dickinson is a Civil Engineer (pipelines) with 30 years of experience and a considerable profile within the global pipeline engineering industry.  Originally based in the UK, Sandra has directed all aspects of pipelines, including assessment, design, construction and renovation and has provided global detailed technical advice from various significant industry roles.

Most recently, she played the crucial role of “trouble-shooter”; having small but significantly important inputs into many projects, providing help and advice to pipe manufacturers, contractors, and consultants. She has been required to ensure best practices and lessons learned on pipeline engineering projects are disseminated effectively.

Sandra’s profile has led her to serve on several British and European structural pipeline standards committees, guest lecturing at a number of universities and panels. She is sought out for and has presented papers at various international conferences, and most recently led the creation of a global industry resource document which identifies and demonstrates the benefits of pipeline condition assessments, and identifies new and emerging techniques.  For the 2012-2013 year, Sandra acted as Chairman of the South East branch of the Pipelines Industries Guild in the UK.

Recent industry roles include:
  • Pipelines Industry Guild: Committee Member and Chair
  • International Society for Trenchless Technology: Guarantor
  • UK Society of Trenchless Technology: Panel Judge
  • British Standards: Committee Member, Chair and Principal Author
  • Institution of Civil Engineers: Chartered Reviewer and Supervising