Dr. Muin Husain
Vice President, Environment

“Environment plays a key role in every aspect of our lives and development. As Environmental Engineers and Geoscientists, we focus on environmental protection and enhancement through an integration of science, engineering and sustainability. We understand twenty first century challenges like climate change and adaptation and its societal importance as we design new infrastructure and developments.”


Hassan Ktaech, Team Lead

Protecting Our Environment

In the engineering industry, the environment influences all stages of development and decision making, from policy and planning through design and implementation. Society, through their awareness of sustainability, has recognized the importance of the environment and its protection. COLE brings strong leadership in the field of environmental due diligence, such as environmental management during the construction of major infrastructure projects, clean up of contaminated lands or studies associated with improving the environment and the health and safety of indoor environments.

Our environment plays a key role in every aspect of our lives and development needs. The importance of environmental protection is recognized through society’s awareness of the need for Sustainable Development – a practice to be integrated into every engineering assignment, whether it involves the development of master plans, the design or construction of infrastructure projects, the management of facilities and assets, the generation of energy, the exploitation of natural resources, or building sustainable communities. This responsibility calls for an appreciation and understanding of our changing environment and climate through existing and evolving environmental acts, regulations and policies.

Solid Waste Management

With years of expertise, we excel in various aspects of solid waste management including the preparation of diversion strategies, long term waste management plans, and environmental assessments. Our senior staff have played key roles in the development and procurement of numerous waste management facilities including material recovery facilities, composting facilities, energy from waste facilities, landfill gas utilization facilities and landfill disposal capacity.

The truth about us

Cole Engineering Group Ltd (COLE) is a Canadian-based multi-discipline firm providing specialized advisory, consulting and engineering solutions. Since our inception in 2003, we have been serving clients in the public and private sectors across Canada. We provide services through four major practice areas: Water, Environment, Urban Development, Transportation. We focus on excellence in service delivery to clients offering innovative, value-added, and sustainable solutions while we will foster a great workplace environment where we will develop, train and mentor our talent.