Christine Hill, Service Sector Lead


Water / Wastewater Facilities

A growing focus on environmental protection can place pressures on municipalities to ensure proper treatment of water and wastewater. Regulatory compliance is mandatory and enforced, and failure to comply can lead to serious consequences. We believe reliability of a plant begins with proper design. Whether the project is an expansion, design of efficiencies to improve plant process or asset condition and management, our team can deliver the project with the results that you and the public expect.

With an integrated and sustainable approach we make certain that the planning, pre-design, design, construction management and training of every project is completed honestly with our clients, ensuring a cost-effective, beneficial solution to every issue.

Gord Gajich, VP Municipal Infrastructure


Our Municipal Infrastructure Team studies, assesses, plans, routes, designs, and inspects conveyance infrastructure for water, wastewater, stormwater, gas and other liquids. We’ve built our leading reputation on delivering over 650km of water, wastewater, and stormwater conveyance in the Greater Toronto Area — with many of these projects constructed in dense urban settings. Bringing together a unique blend of technical and practical experience, our accomplished team provides clients’ with cutting edge solutions to plan, initiate, optimize, and deliver their infrastructure projects.

With an integrated and sustainable approach, we make certain that the planning, pre-design, design, and construction management of every project is completed with our clients, ensuring a cost effective and beneficial solution with integrity and without compromising the principles of excellence. This is due to our ability to anticipate and prevent or overcome challenges that can prolong and even derail the implementation of a project. We understand these complex challenges.

Phil Gray, Service Sector Lead,
Infrastructure Planning


The Infrastructure Planning group has industry-recognized experts in the fields of hydraulic and hydrologic modelling and software development, sewer capacity analysis and wetland and watercourse restoration design. Our proactive approach to public, agency and stakeholder consultation, combined with our outstanding technical skill, has earned us a reputation of excellence with regulatory agencies and clients such as conservation authorities, municipal and provincial governments and non-profit conservation organizations. Our project capabilities allow us to complete projects from the initial planning and environmental assessment phases, through detailed design and approvals, and provide contract administration and inspection services to substantial performance. We have successfully managed large, complex and innovative multi- disciplinary projects.

John Scaife, Servicec Sector Lead, Urban-X


Infrastructure Intelligence

COLE’s Subsurface Utility Engineering provides accurate and reliable underground utility information. This data is secured through documented processes to ensure a comprehensive understanding of underground structures. Field verification is completed with the latest available technologies. All information is captured and rendered using the industry best practice guidelines. This process provides design teams with “qualified as constructed” drawings. Better information means better design and more and productive construction.

Utility Mapping

A comprehensive and detailed map of the current underground utility network is beneficial for any design/construction project. We can save our clients time and money by revealing underground utilities and other features that could impact your design.