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MESP and Block Manager
for Block 59

City of Vaughan


Client: Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects

Location: City of Vaughan

COLE was retained as lead consultant responsible for the preparation of the Terms of Reference, Block Plan Report, Municipal Class EA for proposed collector street between Huntington Rd and Regional Rd 27, and Cost Sharing Schedules in support of the Block Plan approval process for the development of a 400 hectare employment block in the City of Vaughan. Block 59 is bisected north to south by the future extension of Highway 427 and an existing Hydro Corridor. Natural heritage features also span across Block 59 from north to south containing defined valleys and watercourses of the Humber River watershed.

The Block Plan Report consists of a Master Environmental Servicing Plan (MESP), Planning Report, Transportation and Transit Assessment, Traffic Management Plan and Urban Design / Architectural and Landscaping Guidelines. Responsibilities include: assist in the preparation of cost sharing principles, preparation of cost sharing schedules, managing the municipal, provincial and regulatory agency approval process, preparation of MESP and Municipal Class EA, managing a multi-disciplined team of consultants to prepare the Terms of Reference and Block Plan Reports to achieve a cohesive and functional design. Also manages landowner group finances including preparation of cash call projections, cash calls and payment of invoices.

Action Wastewater Treatment
Plan Expansion Project

Halton Region


Client: Regional Municipality of Halton

As a result of high volume flows as well as anticipated further growth in the area, the Acton Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) required expansion in order to service the Town of Halton Hills, and related environmental services associated with the Black Creek water quality.

COLE was retained by the Regional Municipality of Halton to provide the Total Phosphorus Offset EA. In an effort to reduce the phosphorus levels of Black Creek to meet the Ministry of Environment (MOE) Phosphorus level requirements, Cole Engineering also provided the preliminary design, detailed design, contract administration and inspection services for the capacity expansion of the Acton WWTP from 4.5 MLD to approximately 5.6 MLD in Phase 1, and approximately 7.0 MLD in Phase 2. The expansion included new primary clarifiers, new aeration tanks and secondary clarifiers, new deep bed sand filters, UV system and a new digestion system.

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre

Vaughan Gateway


Client: Smart Centres

Location: City of Vaughan

The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) is a bold vision for Vaughan’s new downtown. The concept for this 442 acre core is of a vibrant, modern urban centre including multi-use office towers, residences, open green space and urban squares, pedestrian shopping areas and restaurants. At the heart of the VMC is the TTC subway link and new regional transportation hub, connecting Vaughan to Toronto through York University, and to the rest of the Greater Toronto Area.

With 100+ acre landholdings, SmartCentres first engaged COLE to assist with this project in 2011. We are proud to be providing SmartCentres with a multitude of services, including:

  • Subway sanitary diversion works to accommodate the new KPMG building and future sanitary flows;
  • Plan of subdivision for reconstruction of Applemill Rd. and New Park Place;
  • Preparation and review of development agreement and schedules;
  • Preparation of construction phasing plans to accommodate the existing Wal-Mart during adjacent construction activities;
  • Review of existing Jane St. pond and preparation of improvement plans to accommodate dewatering activities during construction;
  • Functional servicing and stormwater management, with a high level review and detailed analysis to determine the overall strategy as related to ultimate build-out scenarios and integration with the proposed highway interchange alignment.

COLE has also, in partnership with Diamond and Schmitt Architects, been awarded the design phase of the new York Regional Transit Bus Terminal, to be built at the corner of Millway and Portage in the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre.

Consultancy Services for the Refinery Wastewater Treatment Plant

Trinidad and Tobago


Client: Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago (Petrotrin)

Location: Trinidad and Tobago

Completion: 2015

COLE was retained by Petrotrin to provide technical support, guidance and engineering services for the selection of technologies to improve the quality of the refinery effluent wastewater streams and determine options for recovery of the effluent water. The project was completed as part of Petrotrin’s mandate to meet targets set by the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) Water Pollution Rules (as amended in 2006). Following project award, COLE undertook a comprehensive assessment of Petrotrin’s wastewater treatment facilities, wastewater streams and existing plant data.

As part of the assessment, COLE undertook a Wastewater Stream Quality Sampling and Flow Rate Measurement programme. Results of the programme were used to characterize influent and effluent wastewater stream quality and quantity, and performance of the existing primary treatment systems. A total of 44 sets of water quality samples were taken over the course of the monitoring programme. A total of 35 discrete flow measurements were conducted during the monitoring programme. The water quality sampling and flow rate measurement programme was conducted in accordance with internationally recognized procedures. An Environmental Impact Assessment and an Environmental Management Plan were submitted following the completion of the fieldwork.

Additionally, a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPP) was completed. The objective of the SWPP was to identify pollutant sources, as well as to implement control measures and BMPs to reduce the potential impact of surface water discharge to the Guaracara River and the Gulf of Paria. As part of the SWPP, a hydrologic assessment and preliminary SWM concept plan was completed for the site. A design plan was developed for each subcatchment with the objective of segregating uncontaminated stormwater runoff in the low risk areas from contaminated runoff in the medium and high risk areas. Completion of the fieldwork was followed by submittal of several reports summarizing the results of the study.

Reports submitted include:

  • Functional Engineering Report – Assessment and Analysis of Existing Facilities;
  • Upgrade to Existing Facilities to Produce Environmentally Compliant Effluents;
  • Proposed Facilities for the Production of Potable Water; and,
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management Plan.

East Trunk Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

Peel Region


Client: Regional Municipality of Peel

Estimated Completion: 2020

The East Trunk Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation project in critical for the Region, as rehabilitation of this trunk and operation as a storage facility will provide the Region with flexibility and additional system resiliency as growth within upstream areas continues to increase flows to the east trunk and ultimately the G.E. Booth wastewater treatment plant. COLE will deliver a full conceptual design of the preferred option complete with conceptual drawings and cost estimates sufficient in detail that will enable the Region to move into detailed design and construction in 2020.

A condition assessment of the upstream Energy Dissipation Chamber (EDC) and the abandoned section of the east trunk was completed using CCTV, 360 camera and Faro 3D scanning. The data from the condition assessment will provide the basis of the feasibility for rehabiliation or decommissioning.

Main Services include:

  • Condition Assessment
  • Feasibility Study for Rehabilitation or Decommissioning
  • Conceptual Drawings
  • Cost Estimates

Taylor Road & Glendale Avenue Road Improvements

Niagara Region


Client: Ivanhoé Cambridge

Location: Niagara Region

This $5.5 million project included the preparation of detail design and tender documents for the widening and urbanization of 1.2 km of Taylor Road, including the realignment of a 600 m segme nt, the introduction of storm sewers, oil grit separators, and the extension and enclosure of an existing MTO box culvert.

The project also included intersection design to provide five new intersections, modification of three existing intersections, the widening of Glendale Avenue at the QEW Fort Erie Bound Exit Ramp, modification to the interchange ramp lane configurations including MTO traffic signal modifications, culvert extensions and enclosures and the widening of Glendale Avenue over 800 m to accommodate proposed auxiliary lanes. The project also entailed significant relocations of Bell, Hydro and Gas infrastructure to accommodate the improvements.

The project was completed in support of a proposed 1.2 million square foot development (The Outlet Collection at Niagara) and included a number of additional capital improvements on behalf of Niagara Region, including the necessary liaison and approvals from MTO, MOE, Niagara Region, the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, and utility agencies. The project required cost sharing elements between the Region and the Developer, management of the collaborative project and various cost sharing and legal agreements.

Despite this complexity, COLE successfully met client and agency requirements to complete the detailed design and tender documents within 6 months while also securing all agency approvals within the same timeline. Full Site Inspection and Contract Administration services were also provided to see the project through to completion

Toronto Flow Meters Replacement

City of Toronto


Client: City of Toronto

Duration: 2014 – February 2019 (anticipated)

The objective of this assignment is to complete the project work of replacing the existing potable water venture flow meters separating the City of Toronto water system from the Regional Municipality of York (Region) water system. This extends principally across Steeles Avenue which is considered the boundary between the two jurisdictions depending upon the definition. For this project, it will be taken as the north curb line of the roadway. Some of the existing meters are located within the York Region particularly Bayview Pumping Station (PS), Thornhill PS and Yonge Elgin meter chambers. Altogether, 10 new electromagnetic flow meters and one replacement of electromagnetic meter are to be installed and six other electromagnetic flow meters installation requires upgrades.

Work on these meter chambers will be in low flow season (September 15th to May 15th) and may require two low flow seasons to complete the three separate contracts. To accomplish this, our proposed multi-discipline team will work closely with City staff to use the experience and expertise of City staff gained in the previous upgrades of the other six chambers. The piping will all be steel except for Bayview PS where existing records indicate that prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) has been used for the installation.

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