Having substantial experience in completing several revolutionary energy and resource management projects, Cole Engineering provides a comprehensive variety of high-quality services to the energy sector through its robust global network. 

Whether you seek our consultation on feasibility, performance optimization, business operation expansion, or new greenfield project development, we can assist you in obtaining your target outcomes.

Our energy and resource management portfolio consists of the following services.

Chemical Resource Engineering

Although chemical resource engineering projects demand a multi-disciplinary approach due to their complexity, we are capable of helping clients across many industries like petrochemicals, fertilizers, and commodity chemicals.

Dam Engineering

Since dam engineering requires a thorough awareness and control of the tremendous forces of water, we can help you with dam infrastructure design, structural investigation and appraisal, operational support, and risk and safety assessment.

Hydrogen Project Management

With the emergence of hydrogen as a key player in energy transition and a valuable resource, our team also focuses on tackling hydrogen projects such as gas network decarbonization, industrial heating, and power generation.