fficient water use has long been a part of our daily life. Given the importance of water resources, Cole Engineering prides itself on its worldwide network of water management knowledge and experience to implement such a valuable service to local communities, businesses, and industries.

Our various water services include the following:

Collection and Distribution

Our water collection and distribution efforts primarily consist of strategically planning water supply systems, planning and designing irrigation systems, designing pipelines and pumping stations, and modeling hydraulics.


Since water supply security is of utmost importance, we spearhead desalination projects for community-wide and industrial applications. Our desalination service covers estuarian and brackish water, seawater, and other saline water sources.

Treatment and Recycling of Wastewater

Wastewater treatment and recycling require thoughtful planning with sustainability in mind. As a result, we employ water use minimization, treatment technology design, water quality review, biosolids and residual management, odor management, and regulatory assistance.