Every small action in our society can either help or do further harm to Mother Nature. Thankfully, our dedicated team here at Cole Engineering provides multiple environment-friendly services to aid clients in mitigating environmental impact and risks while also pursuing the development of their construction projects.

Here are some of our innovative and practical environmental services.

Air Quality Control

Infrastructure, industrial, and mining projects affect air quality negatively. To combat air pollution, we offer practical and science-backed solutions for client projects to not damage the environment. Our air quality management solutions include dispersion modeling, adverse amenity assessment, emission inventory development, meteorological file development, and odor surveillance.

Industrial Waste Management

Industrial waste is perhaps one of the key contributors to endangering our natural habitat, but we strive to minimize them to lessen the environmental impact. Our waste management services encompass waste characterization, audits, and tracking, waste processing facility design, and waste policy and regulations development and review, among others.

Noise Management

Improving air quality aside, we provide noise outcome management services to further aid clients in obtaining their targets effectively. Our noise outcome control initiatives target the aviation, rail, and road sectors.

Contamination Evaluation and Remediation

Apart from our standard environmental service offerings, we have decided to add land investigation and auditing, groundwater examination, and remediation planning to our chief offerings.