As far as the built environment is concerned, Cole Engineering strives to establish spaces that possess a visual identity, produce diversified responses, put design parameters to the test, and – as much as possible – exceed the needs of clients and communities. 

Our passionate team engages in a broad market segment range and accomplishes service deliverables throughout the overall life cycle of projects.

In this regard, our business aims to incorporate complementary building design fundamentals and decision-making protocols as early as possible to fulfill all stakeholders’ goals.

Read more about our all-encompassing array of structural services from the ground up.

Building Safety Design

It is necessary to acknowledge the functional operation of buildings under local health and safety regulations for a more enriching occupant experience. Luckily, we have a solid network of service professionals that concentrate on designing and documenting primary services like electrical engineering, fire safety, and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning).

New Building Construction Assessment

During new developments like building construction, we offer commissioning services in the planning stage for more thorough assistance in designing the building envelope. Our other building assessment services include planning capital budgets, reviewing structural constructions, assessing property conditions, designing restoration specifications, and decommissioning.

Architectural and Urban Design

Our holistic approach to architectural and urban design guarantees that we can create influential architecture and urban landscapes that streamline project complexity and promote evidence-backed solutions.