Recent Water Market Challenges and Trends

Many countries from different parts of the world highly regard water systems resiliency and sustainability as one of the most crucial challenges the water industry faces. Among the sophisticated and interrelated issues that these countries have encountered are climate change, evolving regulations and technologies, population growth, and water pollution. 
Fortunately, the interconnectivity of these issues has led to the concept of a unified water management approach.
Unified water management is crucial to resolving …

Engineers As Modern-Day Heroes

The increased dependence of organizations on data and technology has catapulted engineers into obtaining a newfound status as heroes in these modern times due to their wide range of technical capabilities. 
However, one question remains: “How does an engineer play a pivotal role in giving back to the pandemic-laden community, especially during this digital age?”
Communities nowadays will require welfare prioritization from a sustainability point of view, and it’s no surprise that engineers will …