Introducing COLE's Senior Aquatic Biologist

COLE recently welcomed Lori Karlewicz B.Sc., as COLE’s Senior Aquatic Biologist, Environment. With almost 10 years of consulting experience, Lori has contributed to a number of infrastructure and development projects offering aquatic ecological support.  Lori works as part of multi-disciplinary project teams and has led consultation with local, provincial, and federal agencies to obtain permits, authorizations, and letters of advice.

Lori is experienced with developing and implementing short-term and long-term aquatic monitoring programs, fisheries surveys, and fish rescues. Her projects have included species inventories using a variety of capture techniques, and habitat assessments using the Ontario Stream Assessment Protocol. She also conducts benthic invertebrate sampling and identification, fish spawning surveys, headwater drainage feature assessments, water quality sampling, and streamflow monitoring. 

In addition to consulting, Lori runs Class 2 Backpack Electrofishing courses throughout southern Ontario.

Lori’s presence demonstrates COLE’s biological services group’s commitment to excellence as they continue to grow offering a broader range of biological services.