Sound environmental management begins at the planning and design stage of the project.

The key to successfully delivering infrastructure development projects is having a multidisciplinary team capable of confidently integrating the understanding of the natural environment within the engineering assignment.

With a seasoned team of environmental engineers, geoscientists and specialists, Cole Engineering’s team knows how to navigate the regulatory framework on large-scale construction projects and ensure that they get delivered while minimizing the possibility of any “show stoppers” or “unforeseen risks”. Our senior staff members have spent their entire careers working within multidisciplinary engineering firms, and through close collaboration with design and construction engineers, have built a solid understanding of the goals and challenges associated with engineering projects.

The team’s experience includes managing the environment on infrastructure assignments such as trunk and collection sewers, forcemains/feedermains, pumping stations, water and wastewater treatment plants, road widening, new development servicing and facility demolition.

Sound environmental management begins at the planning and design stage of the project. Understanding the existing conditions and commitments documented in Environmental Assessments or Planning Act approvals (as applicable) is of paramount importance. Transitioning this understanding into the preliminary and detailed design stage is equally as important to ensure that all environmental approval requirements are known and permit applications are duly submitted. This is conducted in close consultation with applicable regulators and Conservation Authorities.

Many approvals contain monitoring and mitigation conditions which are required to be implemented prior to, during and after construction activities. It is at this stage that the team develops a comprehensive multidisciplinary and project-specific Environmental Management Plan (EMP) documenting all of the collective regulatory requirements and monitoring conditions to be followed.

Cole Engineering knows that the time and effort invested in responsible and proactive environmental planning and management results in reputation capital and client cost savings in the future. Coordinated multidisciplinary monitoring is executed during the contract administration phase of the assignment and is in-line with the commitments established in the EMP. This includes the use of our Certified Inspectors of Sediment and Erosion Control (CISEC).

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