Water Treatment

At COLE we have a dynamic team with diverse expertise relating to alternative treatment processes.

With a growing focus in today’s world on the need for environmental protection and security, municipalities have come under increasing pressure to not only ensure, but guarantee high quality treatment of both water and wastewater. Regulatory compliance is mandatory and with failure, can lead to serious consequences. At COLE we have a dynamic team with diverse expertise relating to alternative treatment processes. We recognize risk assessment and management as being key to the development of specific strategies for achieving water quality goals. The water treatment process requires the interaction of our multi-discipline teams ranging from process engineering, structural, electrical, mechanical, and SCADA. Ensuring the reliability of the treatment plant begins with proper design and an ongoing quality management process leading to the commissioning of a plant that has the ability to produce high quality water meeting all regulatory standards for many years. We are experienced in all delivery models, whether it be traditional for complex facilities such as water treatment plants, whereby the client retains the consultant and the contractor individually or as design-build where the two entities team up to deliver the end product.

Water Treatment Plants
COLE undertakes large scale water treatment plant projects that involve water treatment plant design, upgrade, expansion, rehabilitation and operation. Conceptual Design, Preliminary Design, Detailed Design and Construction Services are main project components. Some of our water treatment specialties include filter underdrain installations, filter back wash pump, sedimentation tanks and high and low lift pumping.

Water Treatment Technologies
COLE's water treatment team has a wide knowledge of all water treatment technologies for the various water treatment processes including, iron removal, coagulation and flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, chlorination and disinfection and sludge treatment.
Our in depth understanding of water quality issues and water treatment regulatory requirements allow us to deliver effective solutions that meet our client’s needs.

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